Detonator @ Ritz East – Theater A

By 21st Philadelphia Film Festival & Philadelphia Film Society (other events)

Sunday, October 28 2012 10:15 PM 11:50 PM

In this dark, gritty Philadelphia film, Sully, the former frontman of a prominent punk band, takes a trip through a night from hell into the past he thought he’d left far behind.

Running Time: 95 min.     Director: Damon Maulucci & Keir Politz     Cast: Lawrence Michael Levine, Benjamin Ellis Fine and Robert Longstreet

When an ex-bandmate suddenly appears in his life promising to make good on an old debt, Sully is at first reluctant. A family man now, he has closed the book on his former punk lifestyle, selling his amps, and trying to grow as a person. After some convincing, the duo go off into the Philadelphia night to revisit their past, and in doing so make a whole new series of mistakes. Along the way, Sully must confront the choices he’s made, and come to terms with what he really feels about his current life. Shot on location around Philadelphia, the film has an incredible sense of place and love for the city. Featuring great performances from many of the best actors of current American indie cinema, including Lawrence Michael Levine, Sophia Takal, and Joe Swanburg, the film has a punk rock sense of propulsion. It asks tough questions about the ways we choose to live our lives, and intelligently examines the balance between our wildest dreams and our concrete realities.



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